Sound Company

Est. 1969

Inspired by The Beatles and British Invasion in the mid 1960’s, small town garage “Rock” bands were born all around the world. In Neosho, Missouri, among others, bands like The Fabulous Stingrays, The Mustangs, Sammy & The Saints and The Outcasts were formed. Over the years a variety of musicians played in these groups. The Stingrays had changed their name to The Sound Company in 1968 and Rick Hair a keyboardist from Joplin joined Gary Lohmann to round out the ensemble. The final lineup of Sound Company was completed in 1969 when Kenny Vaughn (Outcasts, S&S) and Randy Butler (The Mustangs) joined Gary and Rick to complete the group although they added Denny Shelton that same year as a lead singer. Unfortunately, that lineup didn’t work out so the band continued on in early 1971 with Gary, Rick, Randy and Kenny.


In 1971 the band travelled to Kansas City and recorded a (six original song) demo at Damon Recording Studios. It was the first time any of the guys had done a studio recording. The tracks were essentially as close to a live recording as you can get. The music tracks were recorded first as they played their parts together just like it was a live set. Then the vocals were recorded after that. The Acetate that looks like a vinyl album is what the studio provided to each member to have a copy of the recordings. The guys performed those songs at their gigs for maybe a year or so but continued to write more songs which replaced the Acetate songs moving forward. Randy wrote a new song “Truman’s Daughter” after  and the Kansas City session so the group decided to record a 45 rpm that included “I Am Your Hour” on the B side of the single. They drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma and recorded the songs at Derrick Recording Studios. Astonishingly, those first recordings remained dormant after approximately 1973 until 2022!

Sound Company/ Mizzouri Foxx disbanded in 1982 after Kenny landed a job and new career with Northrop on the B2 Stealth Bomber Program. Gary continued to write and play music while Rick and Randy moved on from the music industry to work in the private sector as well.


In 2020, Kenny and his wife Virginia left Southern California and moved to Caldwell, Idaho. Virginia began working at her rental space at the Avalon Antique Mall in Caldwell. She decided to try and sell some of the “antique” Sound Company 45 records at the Mall and in fact, she sold a few of them immediately. She then decided to put them for sale on EBay and soon sold out of the remaining 25 or so records!! One of the buyers was a huge vintage rock recordings from the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Massimo Contreras manages his web site Psych45s. Following his purchase of the antique 45’s, he and Kenny connected. After learning about the Acetate recordings, Massimo asked if he could borrow the rare disk to listen to the songs on it.


He was so impressed that he introduced the Acetate to his Dee Jay friend in Australia, David “Juggles”.  Juggles also loved the recordings!! Now in 2023, Kenny, Massimo and Juggles are offering a vinyl 45rpm record with three of the heaviest songs from the Acetate sessions! The song titles are “Follow Me”, “Flash Lightning” and “Imaginary Fix”. We are confident that this record will become a valuable collectible in the years to come!! Hopefully you will enjoy all six tracks from the Acetate and consider purchasing a copy of this very rare 45rpm record while the very limited number of copies last!! Also let any others that might enjoy hearing some previously unheard tracks from that time period and incredible era of rock music!!


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Latest Vintage Tracks

Follow Me

Flash Lightning

Imaginary Fix

       Sound Company playing Imaginary Fix on WWRO radio

         Sound Company playing Follow Me on WWRO radio


2023 Vintage Vinyl Record Ratings by Australian Dee Jay David Juggles


TOP 10 FINDS for this year:

1.     Is SOUND COMPANY , easily the best Heavy Psych find in the last 30 years!

2.     Dom released by the @ancientgreaserecords, the label that releases all the heat.

3.     Chrome Flower with Starry Eyed Woman, it’s a 1969 bomb.

4.     Rush Brothers, another beast that I was put onto and helped me get this copy @enochsmokey

5.     Hazariah, another I’d been chasing for years and thanks to the legend @glockose the closet door opened and out it popped.

6.     Don Juan, Shun The Dead is such a great Rocker with a touch of punk, this seriously could have been at number 1 in any other year.

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