Mizzouri Foxx / Sound Company

July 2023

Considering the band broke up in 1982, it is fascinating how many new opportunities have presented themselves to us so we can bring our music to you on this site that in some cases will be brand new to most of you!  Even though Rick now lives in Florida and Kenny lives in Idaho with Gary in Neosho and Randy in Goodman, Missouri, the spirit of our early days in the music business has carried on to the present day in ways none of us could have ever dreamed or imagined!! We salute all the men and women who serve in the military or law enforcement. We believe ASLB will touch those who put their live son the line as they serve to protect our nation. If you agree and like this song, please pass it along. Our goal is to get as many artists as we can to perform this live or record their versions of this very special song. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy our story a little bit more by checking out this website (which is currently undergoing a complete redesign, so check back often)!    

Stereoghosts - 2018