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From The Damon Recording Studio 1971 Acetate Tracks

(only 310 copies produced)

Extremely Rare Vinyl 45 RPM Record Was Released On October 13th 2023

Song List: 

  1. Follow Me
  2. Flash Lightning
  3. Imaginary Fix

  Original Acetate Album Cover

We Ain’t Dead Yet (WADY) Concert Live – CD
Recorded live at the Neosho Civic 
May 28th 2011
Mixed and Mastered by Gary Lohmann and Steve Kenny
This was the only live performance by the band since their final gig in 1982.
Less than one week after the disastrous Joplin tornado on May 22, 2011 the show was almost cancelled after taking 16 months to rehearse and coordinate the event!
What If – CD
Recorded 2015 virtually in California & Missouri
Drum Tracks & Mastering at Backline Studios in Westminster, CA.
Instruments, Vocals at Lohmann Recording Studio in Neosho, Mo.
Engineer, Producer, Mastering – TK Wylie – Gary Lohmann

Songs List:

  1. All Night Long
  2. One Way Love
  3. You’re The One I Want
  4. Make It Last
  5. Born For You
  6. Dracula’s Bride
  7. Above The Legal Limit
  8. Crossroad
  9. What If
  10. Feelin’ 62
Mizzouri Nights – CD
MVP/ Polydor Records studio tracks – 1981
Producer – Jay Senter
Engineers – Pete Bishop & David Goldstein
Executive Producer – Freddie Perren

Song List:

  1. Break’n Out
  2. Cheater
  3. Holly Would
  4. Long Road Home
  5. Baby Hold On
  6. Rock N Roll Fever
  7. I’m Playing
  8. Hazy Shade of Winter
  9. You Walked Away
  10. Hero
  11. Traveling Man

Trapped Live – CD
Concert recorded live at El Toro Marine Base, CA

January 26th & 27th, 1979


Engineered & Produced by Keith Johnston for Brother Studio
Redondo Beach, CA.


Label – Brother Studio Productions-BS14 

Song List:

  1. Here to Play
  2. Slow Motion Love
  3. Holly Would
  4. I Want It All
  5. Lonely Days
  6. Cheater
  7. Missouri Nights
  8. Break’n Out
  9. Did You Have ……
  10. Rock’n Tonight

Truman’s Daughter / I Am Your Hour – 45 rpm record ( remember those??)


Recorded in 1971 at Derrick Recording Studio in Tulsa, OK.

Song List:

  1. Truman’s Daughter / I Am Your Hour