Band Videos

MizzFoxx History Summary – This short video provides a glimpse of the band’s history and features some tunes from the Mizzouri Nights CD. Their exciting journey that began in Neosho, Mo. In the summer of 1969 then ended in the Fall of 1982 was rare and remarkable on many levels. A major contributor to their succcess was Chuck Stillman, who opened the door for their migration to Manhattan Beach, California in 1974. As in all performing artist’s stage shows there are many people off stage that really keep the show going and we can never forget the support, work and dedication of Chuck, Jerry McConnell (Road Manager) and our Roadies! Other friends & Artists who helped us along the way like Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night, Don & Richie Podolor and Leon Russell supported our efforts over the years. We’ve included some of the only video (B&W + poor sound, picture quality) from a Narbonne High School show in the late 70’s. You will see examples of the different phases the band went through with their wardrobe images.  And of course, some photos of the guys inking the record deal with Freddie Perren’s MVP/Polydor production company. We were blessed and so thankful to present Sound Company/ Mizzouri Foxx music to so many people during those exciting and dynamic years of rock music and hopefully this video will give the viewers a quick peek of what it was like!

Kenny Vaughn Drum Solo – September of 1982 was the month the guys disbanded and went their separate ways. Kenny was fortunate to land a job and new career with Northrop on the B2 Bomber Program. He sold his TAMA drums and essentially stopped playing drums completely for the next 27 years.  There were three live performances during that time but it was extremely difficult (emotionally) for him to re-open the door to his “passion” because he felt he could only be “all in or all out” when it came to playing drums in a band. A fateful set of circumstances did present an opportunity for Kenny to play one final time in September of 2019. Gary had been with the band Walrus in Neosho for some years and Kenny’s Class of 1969 booked Walrus to perform at their 50 th class reunion. Kenny worked out a forty-five minute set performing with the band and this is the video of his last song and drum solo that evening for his classmates who remembered when he began playing in bands at the age of twelve.

Born For You – This classic love song from the “What If” album deserved a video so Kenny asked Kendall and Ronnie to film themselves in a romantic way that we think perfectly captured the theme of 
Gary’s composition of “Born For You”! This tune would greatly compliment any wedding event as the love between two people is so powerful throughout this tune!

Dracula’s Bride – This song was created by the band in the late seventies. Gary and Kenny thought it would be worth recording a better studio version for the “What If” album tracks. Kenny and Tom had some interesting ideas for the script and filming of this horror film based song. Obviously, with no budget things had to be done as cheaply as possible so we admit there are some SNL cheesy parts about the production. But all things considered we are actually happy overall with the results!