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Sound Clips from Mizzouri Foxx

This is the Mizzouri Foxx web site which was created to provide our fans the opportunity to access our music and to tell the story of the band after 25 very long years. If you like 70’s rock n roll music you might enjoy viewing our newly developed “Mizzouri Foxx <> The Biography Project” DVD. The DVD contains numerous pictures, live performances, and highlights of our music during the 13 year history of the band. The DVD is complete and is on sale now!. We are also working to provide music downloads and re-mastered CD’s named “Mizzouri Nights” and our live album “Trapped Live”. Please continue to the Buy Music page to find out more information.

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The “Biography Project” DVD concept was developed by Mizzouri Foxx drummer Kenny Vaughn along with his good friend Tom Vincent. We believe that this product is a “one of a kind” incredible collection of work that chronicles the 13 year band history! Starting from the beginning when there were two Missouri garage bands that blended into “The Sound Company” and ultimately into Mizzouri Foxx. Included are tracks of the bands span of music as they cut their first 45 record to the Trapped Live Album along with several studio recordings that have never been released to the public.

The hour long DVD includes historical information about the group, a ton of music, hundreds of photographs and segments from the only live video tape that remains of Mizzouri Foxx performing back in 1977. This will certainly be a blast from the past experience for some and an inspiration to new musicians just getting started today. Mizzouri Foxx opened for numerous groups like Styx, Fleetwood Mac, Y&T, Black Oak Arkansas, and many more. Many cool pictures never before seen with some of these band members are included.

If you like the DVD, check out our Mizzouri Nights CD with eleven of the bands original hits re-recorded and remastered for all those die hard rock-n-rollers. This is great hard hitting music that is guaranteed to get you moving. A must have for every collector of fantastic 1970’s rock-n-roll music.

Tell everyone you know about our website, especially if they remember the truly classic days of Rock in the 1970’s! If you are looking for fresh NEW music from the 70’s era, then we believe you have come to the right spot. We look forward to this opportunity to bring back our music to everyone who enjoys good old rock n roll!

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