Mizzouri Foxx Music Is Making A Comeback!

Over the years people have remained curious about the band and what happened to us. Our story is one of success and in the end major disappointment as we ended up as a tax write off when two record companies merged. We were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. We believe our music holds up very well today and now it will be made available to fans old and new via the internet.

Our drummer Kenny Vaughn teamed up with his good friend Tom Vincent to create an amazing historical documentary of the history of the band which we believe is a one of a kind piece of work. It is in DVD format and includes the bands music beginning with their first 45 to the Trapped Live album to their studio recordings that should have been released in 1981. It also includes historical band info as the band migrated from Sound Company to Mizzouri Foxx, hundreds of band photographs and some cuts from the only video tape known to exist of the band performing live back in 1977.

This product is a true treasure for anyone who remembers the truly good old days of Rock in the 1970’s!!Tell your friends about this web site as it will be great for us to bring back our experience and music to our great fan base and to new fans as they discover our sound for the first time.

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