Most difficult location ever played…

Question Asked:

What was the the most difficult location the band ever played at in terms of setting up the equipment?


Back in the early 1970’s we played for a party on a river boat at Lake of the Ozarks. We were using the original band name Sound Company back then. Well, we had to “hand carry” all of our equipment down and up about three flights of wooden stairs to get to the dock and load the gear on the back of the boat. If you’ve ever seen how steep wooden stairs on a hill side going down to a lake can be, you will understand how difficult this was. The the power on the boat was provided by a generator so we had problems with that as well. It was fun though cruising around on the lake that night as I’m sure the fish and several lake residents knew we were there!! Believe it or not, it was easier taking the equipment back up those stairs than taking it down to the boat!!

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