The Purpose

We understand that we were just another highly motivated rock band that like so many others, wanted to make the big time fame and money. That was the common thread that every group of musicians had regardless of the outcome of their efforts. However we believe we fell into a more refined category in that food chain because not only did we land the record deal with MVP/Polydor Records but our fans had read the articles about our soon to be released album in Billboard, Record World and Cashbox so everything was in place to take the next step by touring to promote the new album. And then at the worst possible moment Polygram took over Polydor and everyone in the company who was going to support our music was let go! Reaching that point after twelve years of working your way towards that common goal and having the rug pulled out from under you is like having the wind knocked out of you “multiplied by a thousand”. Financial considerations and core changes to where the band was at that time weighed heavily on where to go from there. It was very difficult to imagine going back to playing clubs and venues where we had to play copy tunes again so we could earn the money required just to make ends meet!

The business is not fair all the time and certainly there are thousands of great musicians and bands out there. The beauty of it is this….. That was over 26 years ago and groups relied completely on the record label and A&R people to get careers off the ground. Today, we have the internet. Today, we can reach out to all of the people who might have enjoyed our music back then. Since no one really heard most of what we are offering here, this music is still new and fresh to everyone who hears it. For those fans who bought the Trapped Live album and remember our live performances, this will simply offer them a new trip down memory lane. For everyone else, this is a total exposure to what our lives and music were like between 1969 – 1982 plus an opportunity to listen to the solid rock music we had to offer even though some people at a large corporation could care less!! Some people have committed suicide after facing that level of disappointment.

Others figure out ways to keep on going!

If you arrive at this web site and you give our music a fair listen to. Do us a favor. Tell everyone you know to at least check out what we have to offer here and see if some song, photograph or personal experience strikes a note in their heart. For anyone out there who knows what it feels like to have all the momentum in the world going your way and then to have some executive who could care less about your life’s ambition and work destroy it in the blink of an eye ….. this web site is for you. This is not going to be a band reunion effort, but merely a shot to bring Mizzouri Foxx music and history back to the people. If you understand what we are saying then you will help us use the internet to tell the world about our music and awesome life experience in the world of rock and roll.

Rock On!

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