Band Member Updates

Gary Lohmann now lives in Neosho, Missouri

After the band decided to go their separate ways, Gary was committed to putting together a new band with other Missouri musicians including his writing partner Chuck Neal. However, when the good news came that a second child was on the way, he decided it was time to get a day job. With Disco replacing Rock n Roll and DJ’s replacing live musicians, the only way to make a decent living playing Rock n Roll was to go back out on the road, which would mean being away for long stretches of time. In 1983, Gary took a job at Memory Lanes Antique Mall, working his way up to manager. During this time he continued to play in popular bar bands in the L.A. area, including The Lohmann Neal Band. In 1996, Gary started his own Antique Mall called “Pieces of the Past” in Torrance, CA. In 1999 Gary successfully settled out of court with his previous boss at Memory Lanes due to his dismissal on constitutional grounds. The settlement gave Gary the finacial freedom to move back East. Instead of going back to Missouri, he went to Nashville to continue his songwriting. After 1 year Gary felt he needed to move back to Missouri after being away for 26 years to help his father and grandmother.

Back in Neosho, Missouri Gary once again started performing, doing solo performances with sequencers, keyboards and of course guitar and vocals. Around this time he also joined the popular local band “Old, Fat and Ugly”. In 2002, Gary decided to go back to school and in December of 2005 he graduated from Crowder College (Kenny and Randy’s alma mater) as a Graduate Nurse. Gary moved to Branson, Mo in 2006 and took his nursing boards in April of that year. Gary is now working as a RN in the Emergency Room at Skaggs Hospital in Branson.

Gary and his wife Bonnie got married in 2004 and now live in Reeds Spring, Mo, on Table Rock Lake, just outside of Branson. Gary and Bonnie have a recording studio in their new home and are currently working on material for other artists as well as planning a CD of their own in the forseeable future.

Kenny Vaughn lives in Buena Park, Ca.

Kenny’s love of drums began at the age of eleven when visiting his cousin Stan Garver one summer in Boardman, Ohio. Stan was already an advanced level drummer and he had a snare drum in his bedroom that Kenny first tapped out on for the first time. It was like a huge light came on inside as he instantly fell in love with the sound and feel of the snare drum. His parents, Hank and Martha supported his excitement and interest and bought him a snare drum immediately. The following Christmas they bought him a red sparkle Apollo drum kit which consisted of a bass drum, 12″ x 13″ rack tom tom, 15″ floor tom, snare drum, hi hat and two cymbals. Kenny spent many hours in his bedroom pounding away on this kit. His early favorite drummers were Sandy Nelson, Earl Palmer, Ed Shaughnessy ( from the Tonight Show ), Louie Belson and Buddy Rich ( he met Ed, Louie and Buddy several years later at the Starwood Club in L.A.! His parents also paid for private lessons by a teacher from Kansas City but Kenny didn’t like the man and soon stopped taking lessons. This was probably one of the biggest mistakes Kenny ever made because that teacher was trying to teach him all of the rudiments and technique that would have improved his ability tremendously. Kenny moved from Neosho, Mo. to McAlister, Okla. and then to Tulsa, Okla. during his senior year. These moves were obviously very difficult on him and one of the few high points was again his parents purchased the blue sparkle Rogers drum kit with two rack toms. It took several weeks to arrive but when it did, everything seemed perfect in his life as he said he would never want anything else in the world if he could only get that set of drums! Kenny added the second bass drum and rack tom soon after joining Sound Company the summer after he graduated from Memorial High School in Tulsa. Other key drummers that were very influential in his style were Ginger Baker, Don Brewer, Leonard Haze, Carmine Appice, Floyd Sneed and Tommy Aldridge. There was another not so famous drummer who played with a band called Lightning and opened for Three Dog Night at Keil Auditorium named Bernie Pershey who also had a major impact on Kenny. In fact, Kenny says it was Don Brewer and Bernie who convinced him he had to quit smoking if he was ever going to play with the power and endurance of those guys! Kenny never considered himself a technically skilled player but always focused on the live performance, his ability to play the double bass kit and overall endurance he developed after he quit smoking. Remember folks, after Iron Butterfly’s Inagadadavida and Cream’s Toad, the long drum solo was in! So naturally Kenny was into the long drum solo. ( plus it gave the rest of the band time to go have a smoke break)

In 1975 Kenny’s favorite car that he had since he was sixteen, a 1967 light blue Mustang was rear ended and totaled at the end of the 91 Freeway in Los Angeles. Jerry McConnell was with Kenny that night and they were very fortunate no one was hurt. There was a small financial settlement with the insurance company and he bought his last kit which was the silver Tama drums. That was the kit he had when the Trapped Live album was recorded at the El Toro Marine Base. In the early 1970’s he felt most comfortable using the old but reliable Ludwig Speed King pedals on the bass drums. He also developed a micro switch set up with lights mounted inside each kick drum and the lights would come on every time he used his pedals. Additionally, a Navy Seal buddy of his helped develop light stick holders on his drum sticks that in those days became a cool special effect as Kenny would hit the sticks on the rim of the drums and BINGO! he had green lights on his sticks that became a cool effect during the drum solo. He likes to think this was the early cave man version of what the Blue Man Group uses today in their shows!

Kenny has been working at Northrop Grumman for the past 25 years and is happily married to his wife Virginia. It was Virginia’s G.E.T.U.P. youth group at the First Congregational Church of Buena Park that inspired Kenny to create the Biograpy Project which then led to the development of this web site.

Randy Butler lives in Southwest Missouri

Randy is a natural talent. Period! He can play bass guitar, keyboard instruments and he will claim to some he knows how to play drums. His voice is easy to distinguish, he loves to use harmony parts wherever it makes sense and he has always had excellent song writing skills. Some of his earliest influences in music came from local groups who played at the CRC in Neosho like St. John and The Apostles, Lavendar Hill Mob and The Bluethings. He remembers going to the Ranch in Galena to watch a band called Kansas play before they made it big. Other key influences on his musical tastes were Jethro Tull and Three Dog Night. Randy also is naturally talented in golf and pick up basketball which he still enjoys playing both sports even today. Throughout the career of Sound Company/ Mizzouri Foxx it was Randy’s drive for perfection that kept the groups tight sound on the leading edge. Randy loved to work closely with Kenny as they always believed the bass and drums to be the backbone of the group so they constantly drove to be “TIGHT” at every live performance!

Rick Hair lives in Utah

Rick felt that after an incredible time living “The Life” of a Rock’n’Roller, it was time to experience the complete opposite. The quiet suburban life – 2 kids, 9 to 5 job, little league baseball, girl scouts, boy scouts, PTA etc. Still not quiet enough! Trying to raise a family in Southern California, with all of it’s craziness, he decided to re-locate to a small resort town in Utah, and start his own business. With it’s success, and his son being groomed to take it over, Rick and Traci (married in 2006) are looking forward to lots of leisure and travel. Jamaica in 2008 and Australia/New Zealand in 2009.

Rick’s earliest exposure to music was his mother’s record collection. A treasure of Elvis, The Four Seasons, etc. Then came the Beatles and the British Invasion and he knew immediately what he wanted to do. A shopping trip to Joplin Piano to buy a Farfisa portable organ and sign up for lessons. In a short time, the lessons got in the way of a 14 year olds summer fun, and were discontinued. Jon Lord, of Deep Purple and Jimmy Greenspoon, of Three Dog Night were definite influences due to their hard driving keyboard sounds.

“The Life” — We will always remember the highs, performing with “superstar” groups, such as Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Van Halen, just to name a few, or sold out shows at El Toro, Gator Gardens, or numerous High Schools and Colleges. But just as memorable were the other times in “The Life”. Driving to Dallas in an ice storm on New Years Day, Chuck Stillman was on that trip with us. Our first Hollywood party with Glen Buxton, of Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop, the original punk rocker ( remember the two weird chicks, wow!). Drinking with David Lee Roth, of Van Halen, at the Handlebar Saloon in Pasadena. Flying helium trash bags over Ventura Boulevard with Richie Podlor and Bill Cooper, on a break from our recording session, Richie was the producer for all of the Three Dog Night albums. The Fourth of July barbecue with Peaches and Herb. Christmas caroling with a host of talented musicians and record company execs at the record companies Christmas party. Bowling at 2am with Winchells donuts. The weekly card games. Late night Burritos at El Tarrasco after many hours of rehearsal. All of the 3:00 stage calls, there is nothing more exciting than set-up time in an empty hall just hours before a show. There were so many great and exciting times. Doing what you love to do, and doing it with your four best friends for so many years is the greatest experience a person can have. They say you can never go back, but we had that opportunity on June 30th, 2001. Six years later I still get “goose bumps” remembering that night.

It is truly regretful that there are not more pictures and/or videos, especially of the live performances. Where were the cameras for the Bulldog concert, our first big show. It was at the Shrine Auditorium, a 10,000 seat hall in Springfield, MO. (we opened with a song called Blueberry Trail).

Hopefully, through this web site, Mizzouri Foxx can share some of these memories with the young and not so young fans of 70’s rock music and an incredible time in the music world and in all of our lives. It is hoped, that through this site old friendships can be renewed and new ones can begin.

Thanks to all who were a part of this incredible ride! Especially Randy, Kenny, Gary, Jerry, and Chuck. God bless you all!

Jerry McConnell lives in Las Vegas, NV

Jerry McConnell was the key reason the band enjoyed a thirteen year career in music. As those who have travelled down the rock band pathway know, you NEED a guy to keep things together not only from a business perspective but from the “Big Brother” perspective as well. To say Jerry was the road manager for Mizzouri Foxx is an understatement. He basically did everything except play and write the music. He did all of the band business transactions, he was the primary interface with the people who hired the band, he did everything the roadies did, he ran the lights and sound as needed but most importantly he was the fifth and deciding vote on all band decisions. Ask anyone in a band how well things are going when you only have four votes and time after time you get two votes going one way and two votes going the other. The guys in this band will tell you that it is impossible to measure the value Jerry brought to the group and their success. He loved the life, the music and the people in the world of rock and roll so this web site and everything it represents is virtually a tribute to Jerry’s dedication and hard work!

For those who know and remember him from the good old days, you know exactly what we mean when we say this about him!! He has found a great new world of happiness in Las Vegas as it offers him so much of the excitement he enjoyed and worked so hard for during the Mizzouri Foxx years!

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  1. The dvd is awesome Kenny. Do you have any demos or garage recordings that my pops doesn’t? i want any music you can make a copy of and send to my dad. thanks.

  2. Justin,
    I have more tapes but as of yet have not been able to find a reel to reel tape recorder to listen to them on. Some of the most interesting material I want to hear is the demo tape we made at Leon Russell’s Shelter Studio and some other songs we did at Keith Johnston’s Brother Studio in Redondo Beach. Hopefully I will find a good machine that I can listen on and then make copies for you and your dad!!
    Rock On!!

  3. Nikki,
    The answer to your question about how did I learn how to twirl my drum sticks is this. Carmine Appice showed me how to do what I call the standard propeller twirl by holding the stick between your index and middle fingers. Carmine at the time was playing with a group called Cactus which followed his primary move to fame as the drummer for Vanilla Fudge.
    Tommy Aldridge taught me how to roll the drumstick through the four fingers of my left hand one night after we opened for Black Oak Arkansas in Sioux City, Iowa. I spent about an hour with Tommy back at the hotel and have always admired his talent as a drummer and equally his great personallity!!

  4. Yes, we did play at Big Bear High School and although it’s been so long ago I am only going to guess that it would have been in the 1976 or 1977 timeframe. I still remember how cold it was up there and driving our truck in the snow!! BRRRRR!!!

  5. Hey Kenny,
    Thanks for the updates.. and this site is great!
    I was going through a scrap book from high school over the weekend and found my signed photograph.. I was going to email you this morning but I thought I would drop a note here on the site instead..

    Have a great Holiday

  6. Raye,
    Thank you for your positive response and if you tell others about it, hopefully our music will be enjoyed by young and old alike. We hope to have the DVD and Trapped Live CD available before the end of November so stay tuned!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  7. I agree that The Lake of The Ozarks was a difficult load and unload; however, Kenny, do you remember playing at the Casino on Catalina Island? First we carried what seemed like 2 tons of equipment down the steps to the boat at the crack of dawn so there would be room for the other passenger’s luggage. Next, we had to wait until all of the passengers got off at the Catalina docks so we could get to the gear. There we also had to take the equipment up steep wooden steps to the road where a small (really small) truck was waiting. We had to make at least 7 or 8 trips from the dock to the casino, and once there all they had was a tiny freight elevator that could hold 2 people and maybe 1 speaker cabinet. The elevator was the slowest elevator known to man. On top of all of this, once we got to the Ballroom floor we had to carry everything about the length of a football field across the dance floor to the stage.

    There is one other difficult load job that comes to mind–if any other band members or roadies know the one I’m thinking of, log in and describe it–Hint: We were playing at the residence of a famous family.


  8. Ya know Gary, I think you are absolutely right that when you factor in the combined distances from the truck to the Catalina cruise boat, then from the boat through town and over to the Casino, then that horrible little elevator and then across the ballroom floor. I guess I will have to vote with you and agree that Catalina was the most load and unload job. Maybe I meant to say Lake of the Ozarks was probably the most “dangerous” load and unload???
    Ha! Ha!

  9. That would be the Hilton Mansion. it was a party for a 16 year old, do you suppose it was for paris’s aunt. Remember the pool with the Zodiac sign.

  10. I believe that was when we played for Sherry Hilton’s party at the Mansion and yes that too was a very difficult job due to the long distance we had to carry the equipment around the VERY large home and across the long grassy back yard, around the swimming pool to the structure behind the pool. Another wonderful memory of many!!!

  11. I will get my reel-to-reel down so that you can get to the rest of the music.

    Kenny needs to get his band together again and audition for the Band contest on TV. Even if they do not make it vary far, they will get exposure and be able to sell their music. Besides, I think they will have fun.

    Kenny’s face lights up every time he talks about playing his music.

  12. We appreciate your suggestion macwood49 but due to the significant distance between the band members and the lack of available time it would take to get back together, it is not likely we could ever get back to performing as a band again. But at least we can keep our music going!
    Keep on rockin!!

  13. Hey Guys
    What a great surprise this is..WOW! I just happen to come upon this web site and I think this is a awesome thing you are doing. I miss the old music. I tell my kids about Mizzouri Foxx all the time and some times I think that they think Im nuts but now I can let them hear you. This is such a great gift you are sharing with us. Hey Kenny my son is a drummer and I was wondering if your drum solo is on the CD? He was playing with our church for awhile but now is looking to get a band together of his own. This is such a blessing, I have so many great memories of all of you. Love you Guys keep on rocking..

  14. Yo Kenny. Great website. Rick’s brother told me about it this morning and I just stopped by to check it out. I shall return when I have more time and peruse it carefully. Lot’s of folks we knew in the 70’s have some sort of online presence and I have been spending time lately tracking them down and attempting to communicate with them. I’ll pass on a link to this site to everyone I have found. It’s super to see that you guys have joined the rest of us “old dudes” to help insure that our music never dies!

    Later dude.
    FastEddy B.

  15. Hey since you guys are originally from Missouri, what are their chances this year for the national college football championships?

  16. We did play at good ol’ “Mizzou” back in the early 1970’s at a fraternity party or two as I recall. In fact there was a young lady who had at least “one too many” and she passed out with her head lying on the pillow of one of my bass drums. Not sure what impact that had on her hearing but it most likely left a lingering ring in her ears for quite sometime afterwards!
    As far as Mizzou’s football team goes, it would be very cool to see them win the BCS National Championship this season and it would not be a huge surprise to me if they did. However, I think O.U. will give them all they want and then some this weekend!! College football is the best sport around. After living in Southern California since 1974 I have to admit that I am now a HUGE University of Southern California football fan. The band played several times at both USC and UCLA during our career! So all I can say about this weekend is FIGHT ON TROJANS!!

  17. Hey guys, was really cool to find this site. I worked at the Gator Gardens in Coronado in the late 70s when you played there several times a year. You probably remember my boss, John Rezek? Sounds like a cliche now but you guys rocked! I still have your “trapped live” album in storage in San Diego and every time I go home I mean to dig it out and convert it to mp3s so I can put it on my iPod. One day I will. I still work for the Navy but those shows years ago at the Gator Gardens are still legendary in my mind. If you ever put your stuff on iTunes I’ll be buying. Thanks again.

  18. April,
    It is the response you gave above that will make this revival of the band and our music work! If the music and DVD were not a high enough quality to bring back to our fans, non of this would have happened. You see, I’ve always said that some of our favorite lifetime memories were at concerts and shows of the bands we enjoyed during our youth. So now, it is all here for the people like you and even your kids to enjoy. Just like the good old days!!
    January should be the month to tell everyone you know about this site so just hang in there a little bit longer!

  19. FastEddy B.
    You know one of our challenges will be to reach the old Sound Company fan base. Since we are really using our second name which we changed after the move to L.A. it will be a little tricky finding the original fans. But with the help of you and others in Southwest Missouri, we can give it a go and just see what happens! Thank you as always for spreading the word and your support! Hope to catch up with you the next time we get back to Neosho!
    Don’t let your fingers catch on fire!
    Rock On!

  20. the other John,
    Of all the great memories over our thirteen year career, I know I speak for the band when I tell you that our gigs on Coronado Island at Gator Gardens were at the top of our favorite experiences. Playing for a packed house night after night and feeling the energy back from the people in our Navy services was OFF THE CHART!! For any band out there who at least gets to play in a place like that and do encore after encore, you are very lucky people just to tell others that you’ve been there and done that!!
    Thank you John for your feedback and let everyone out there know that Mizzouri Foxx is not quite done yet!! Go Navy and Keep On Rockin!!

  21. April,
    So cool to hear from you! Stay in touch and let us know what’s been happening with you.


  22. Ed,

    How ya been. Are you still in Neosho? I’ve been down there quite a bit lately. I played with The Steve Kenny Band for the Beatles Tribute on the 8th. I’ll look you up when I’m down that way.


  23. The Other John,

    Kenny’s right, our shows at Gator Gardens were some of our best memories. Is Rezek still working there? If so, have him drop us a line. I wonder if The Mizzouri Foxx Softball team could still kick ass? Hell I wonder if we could run the bases without oxygen tank? LOL–Stay in touch.


  24. I know running the bases and even hitting the ball would be somewhat more difficult for us now some 26 years later! Ha!
    I am hoping John knows some of the guys on the USS Kitty Hawk that would remember us! Performing on that amazing piece of equipment was another GREAT memory for all of us!!


  25. Guys, greetings and Happy New Year! Just an update on the Gator Gardens. John R left there for NAS Miramar (home of “Top Gun”, if you saw the movie). If you saw the movie and remember the scene in the Officers Club? That’s where John went, right about that time, too. Miramar converted over to a Marine Corps base and John was there for quite awhile. The last I heard he was semi-retired and working part time. He was and is a heckuva a guy who taught me a lot. Strange enough, but I still work for the Navy but now in Japan. Even stranger, the KITTY HAWK is here, too (for a couple more months anyway, before it goes permanently back to the States.

    I’ve been working for the Navy for 30+ years now, but nothing I’ve seen or done compares to the buzz and energy of the Gator Gardens on a Friday night in it’s heyday. We used to get 1000 people thru the doors. Remember the lines? And the bands, Mizzouri Foxx in the lead, were the best. You all were like rock gods…. Seems almost silly now, but the bands brought the women and the women (and the bands, of course) brought in the guys. I’ve never seen since a military club where people would literally wait hours in line to get in. It was amazing.

    As far as the softball games….. Hmmm. I think you guys beat us because we all drank the beer while guys stayed sober until you had a lead we could never catch up to. I played 2nd base in those games, it was great. Not sure you remember Curt, the night manager who always wore a suit and tie (and a darn good softball player)? He’s retired from the Navy but still works there in Coronado. He still has your album, too.

    The Gator Gardens closed as a club right after I left in 1993. The Navy, like society at large, really started frowning on alcohol use and without the bar sales we just couldn’t sustain the band expenses. We gave it a good shot though and hung in there as long as we could. I even brought a few of the old Gator Gardens bands over to Japan after I got here. Taxi, Crystal, France, a couple more. But the music scene changed, first grunge and then hiphop and rap were what the young Sailors wanted to hear.

    Anyway, I hope you guys all continue to do great. I gotta tell you, you gave me a lot of cool memories. Thanks.

  26. John,
    It does all our hearts good to hear of those great memories as I know we all probably wish we could go back in time and do it all over again! Hopefully you will buy the Mizzouri Nights CD and the Biography DVD as they are the best representation of the band and what we accomplished.
    If you ever run into John R, please give him our best regards!
    All we can hope for at this point is that folks will buy our new CDs/ DVD and let others hear the music that we had expected to release back in 1982.
    I am feeling really good right now as my USC Trojan team just proved why they should have been playing in the BCS National Championship game.
    We beat Illinois 49 – 17!
    Take care and keep on rockin!

  27. Kenny
    I just watched your video of you doing your drum solo, you can still play those drums like no other. It was awesome. I also ordered the CD and DVD can’t wait to get them. Tell everyone I said Hello and keep up the good work. Give Gary my e-mail address so we can keep in touch.
    Take care

  28. Hi April,
    I just mailed your CD/ DVD this moring so it should arrive at your home in the next few days! I will give Gary your e-mail address too. I appreciated your kind words about my playing and in fact will be doing another presentation at the First Congregational Church of Buena Park one week from today at 6:30. Rick Hoernke plans to make it and is brining his kids with him. I know it’s a long trip for you but “everyone” is invited! Jamie Duffin made it to the one I did back in September! Please let us know what you think of both the Mizzouri Nights CD and the Biography Project DVD! Take care and may God bless!!

  29. Here’s a blast from your past, John Rezek here, the old (literally) manager of the Gator Gardens. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to come across your web site. I have thought of you guys many times and wondered where you all were and what you were up to. I still remember the day you guys, I think it was Randy, told me you were giving up on the chase. If I remember right, you guys had made the decision to pursue it until you hit 30, then reevaluate whether you wanted to continue the quest if you hadn’t gotten the label company to release your album. They wouldn’t (they kept jerking you around), so you went your separate ways, Kenny to LA working in a warehouse, Jerry and his pipe to Las Vegas working as an event manager, Gary was going to hang around either LA or Colorado writing songs and selling them, Rick & Randy were going to head back home. At least that’s how I remember it. Funny though, I don’t remember losing the softball games, I thought we (the club) won them. You guys used to try to stack your team with SEALS and ballplayers from the ships, but you still had to play those two brilliant talent/booking agents from “Panda Productions”; John Wilson (the poor bastard had broken his neck as a teenager and couldn’t turn his head or look up, so for some reason in your brilliance, you put him in the outfield) & Paul Bell (he had only one eye, he had stuck a pair of scissors in his eye as a kid, I think you guys played him as catcher, brilliant). I pitched, Curt Snyder caught & played first, Ken Walsh played third, Clemente played second, John Kinnamon played short, Rayjay in center field and we filled out the team with club staff, male & female. Those were some fun times. I have some old movie pictures of the games, and maybe even some of the club performances, I’ll have to check. I know I’ve got VHS footage of “Taxi” playing at one of the New Years Eve Bashes. My time at the Gator Gardens was not only the funniest times of my work career, but of my life. I loved that club, the job, the people I worked with and the patrons.

    John K. (“The-other-John”) is correct, I semi-retired in 2006 after 36 years of running clubs & commercial businesses for the Navy and then the Marines. John K., my protégé, went on to even greater things, he’s the “Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department” Director for one of the Bases in Japan (I don’t remember which one). He’s been their for quite sometime and is a “Force to be Reckoned With” in the MWR World and has a deservingly outstanding reputation as one of the finest Directors in the Military. I don’t hear from many of the old timers from the club days, only “Wild Bill” Cheney from “Taxi”. He continued his studies, passed the BAR and is a Criminal Attorney (I think he looked at it as a way to save money, instead of paying someone else to defend him, he pays himself), he’s still performing gig’s in a small lounge group and is as crazy as ever. Other than that, I don’t see or hear from any of the old gang.

    I still have my Mizzouri Foxx Albums, and I think I still have a hand drawn poster, of the guys in the group getting some “head” attention from female followers. I think it was drawn by Gary and hung in the bands dressing room for quite sometime – Anyway, it was great to read (catch) up on you guys.

    When I booked you guys into the Gator Gardens, and after you first performed, Star Wars intro included, followed by a “Boston” copy tune, I knew, I had just kicked the club up a notch and we were off and running. If you knew how much shit I caught from my fellow Club Managers and my Bosses for paying so much for a “Band” ($1,500 for five nights!) and for having them perform for so many nights, five night gigs rather than just Friday & Saturday, you wouldn’t have believed it, I was ostracized by my peers, which made it even more fun. But I knew, your talent, stage presence & professionalism was exactly what I was looking for and you started the Gator Gardens rise to what was going to be the Most Popular (and one of the most financially profitable) “Entertainment” Clubs in the Military Club System. More importantly, you provided untold pleasure, relaxation and get away to literally hundreds of thousands of deserving young Men & Women in the Military, and for that you can be proud.

  30. the_other_john

    John R, great to here from you! I kinda remember those softball games the same as you. I remember one game in particular when the band had a SEAL ringer who was an “all Navy” football player or something. He wasn’t good in the field but I remember some towering home runs. But I also remember the beer taking it’s toll on us in the later innings.

    I often wish I could remember where I stashed all my photos of the Gator Gardens bands. Had a bunch of them, especially from the “concert” shows, including Mizzouri Foxx (didn’t you all do a record release gig at the GG?). I was still in high school at the time and taking photography, if you can believe it. Anyway, if you ever find your stuff and need some help digitizing it to put on the web somewhere I’d be happy to help. I’ve often thought a Gator Gardens tribute website would be cool. Great people, outstanding bands, just a superb experience.

    Funny, but even now when I’m mentoring some of my newer managers I tell them stories about this great club I used to work at and all the great bands that played there week after week. I always laugh when I think that the GG on little bitty NAB Coronado, base population 1500, could book bands like Mizzouri Fox, Crystal, Taxi, The Snowmen (remember those guys…?) and we’d pack our place, outdrawing the EM Club at North Island, even when they had 2, 3 aircraft carriers inport. Pretty amazing. I think we made that club shut it’s doors, right? Ha!

    Guys, thanks again for the great website here, and all the memories you’ve brought back. Like John R said, those were special times in my life and you all were a great part of it. What, it’s been like 25 – 30 years and I can still hum the tune and mumble the words to “Holly Would” and “Cheater”….

  31. John / John,
    This is what the web site and Biograpy Project is all about! Holding on to those great times and truly good old days of REAL rock and roll!! I highly suggest to anyone that checks out this site to at least get a copy of the “Project” as it transcends the band days of Mizzouri Foxx and will bring back memories of the days that will never be the same again!!
    Classic Rock will always be the best music there ever was!!
    Keep on rockin guys!!

  32. John K – Web site for the Gator Gardens is a great idea, I’ve already started it – My email address is my first name iniatial, last name, jr – Drop me an email. I’ll need help and will run names and stuff by you for memory chop – Former GGMGR

  33. Kenny! Man was I surprised to come across the “Project”, let alone see myself in a picture at G.L.’s house. Joe (flash) Flood here!!! I was able to reconnect with Gary via Justin, from this site too. You are still awesome! I really enjoyed watching your latest posts, from your church no less. I’ve been serving in the ministry since 1997. Believe that? ME?? The memories have come flooding back visiting this site. No pun intended. Working with the band, Jerry and Jamie, was some of the best times of my life. At Miramar, Coronado, El Toro, Edwards, Anaheim, Torrance, Long Beach, L.A. and Hemet. Remember the RIOT at Hemet. I was so sad and disappointed when things didn’t work out for the band!!! It sure is a blessing what you’ve put together. I just ordered the 3 pack and am looking forward to listening and watching the good times roll once again!
    I would love to hear from everyone again especially Jamie Duffin. Maybe we can connect on Facebook??? Thanks again Kenny for this gift and trip down memory lane. Stay in touch. God bless you and your wife Virginia!!!

  34. hello,
    i am from Italy and i am the proud owner of the TRAPPED LIVE lp since several years. i really love MIZZOURI FOXX music and i remember searching franticly for the record that it is truly scarce. i casually bumbed to this site and read it enthusiastically.
    i have some questions:
    1) which region the DVD had been issued? i mean, i’m interested to buy it, but i know most of the american dvd’s are impossible to read here in Europe;
    2) is it possible to pay via PAYPAL for the MIZZOURI NIGHTS cd? and how much is the cost for FIRST CLASS AIRMAIL shipping (no priority, no insurance/registration needed) of the cd?
    3) is there some more vinyl that M.F. released back in the day, apart of the TRAPPED ALIVE opus? any singles? and if any exist, is it possible to buy them?
    i hope to receive your answers. excuse me for my far-from-perfect english language knowledge.
    thank you very much and regards from a true hard rock and MIZZOURI FOXX lover,

  35. I haven’t been on in a while. It’s so great to hear from the Gator Garden Johns. If you are ever in the Branson Missouri area, we’ve got to get together. Please stay in touch and let us know how you like the Project.

    By the way, if there are any Mizzouri Foxx fans in the Branson area, my wife and I are going to be performing at The Midnite Rose in Branson West on Wednesday June 25th at 8:00 pm. It’s the first time we’ve performed since I started nursing school so we’d appreciate the support.

  36. Hello Giovanni!
    It is great to hear from you and I am doing some research to hopefully answer some parts of question # 1 and # 2.
    Here is what I can answer at this time:
    1.) The DVD was designed and developed with the help from my friend here in Los Angeles and is available only through this web site. I’m trying to find out if it will also play on European gear so stay tuned for that answer!
    2.) Yes, you can use Pay Pal to buy the Mizzouri Nights CD but again I am checking on any added shipping costs that might or might not apply.
    3.) The “Trapped Live” LP was the only vinyl recording the band released but in the earliest years we did record a 45 single under the original band name Sound Company. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of them left.
    For the folks who have enjoyed the Trapped Live LP I can only highly suggest they also get the Mizzouri Nights CD because that recording was by far the best work we ever did. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your feedback and hopefully you will lead others to this site and our music. Mizzouri Foxx was one of the rock bands like so many others that “almost made it” but still brought entertainment and great memories to alot of people back in the day!!
    Keep On Rockin!!

  37. I remember Mizzouri Foxx from the late 70’s at the Gator Club… and I thank John Rezek for breaking the bank by bringing them in – time and time again.

    The Foxx was the best act to hit the Amphib base, and true rock n rollers in every way.

    My girlfriend (at the time) was one of your biggest fans… and I still remember one of the nights you guys came over to our house in Coronado for an after-the-show party where some really drunk dude crashed our party – and my girlfriend and her buddies gave the party crasher around 17 new piercings in each of his ears… poor guy.

    Thanks for putting up this site. Brings back some good memories. 🙂

  38. Hey Doug,
    It’s reaching out and finding people like you that make this site and the Biography Project worth it! Unless people were there with us, they will never fully understand how much fun we had back then! Thanks for sharing your memories with us and keep the faith!

  39. Doug,

    Thanks for writing. I think I remember that party. I believe I might have been drinking, but those piercings sure sound familiar. Did we have a good time? I bet we did. Stay in touch and tell others that might remember those days to check in.
    Still Rockin’

  40. >Kenny: It’s a shame we didn’t have camcorders and such back then. Well… on second thought, maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t. LOL

    >Gary: You guys always had a great time. You might not remember the old g/f’s name (hell… I’m having a hard time remembering it right now…) but you couldn’t forget her. She looked like Penny Marshall from Laverne and Shirley.

  41. Hey Guys, what a blast its been seeing your site and knowing others remember the band. You played at my high school, Mayfair in Lakewood California and absolutely blew me away. I bought your Trapped Live album and the band autographed the back, man was I excited. This was better than Van Halen or anything else at the time. You guys also sent me a grip of tickets to see you at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach which I went to, so I got to see you live twice. I was a budding drummer at the time and used to play along to your album. I’m still in a band and play locally here in the Lakewood/Long Beach area of So Cal. You guys are part of the soundtrack to my youth, I just loved your band! Missouri Nights, Here To Play and Holly Would…I showed my 18 yr old daughter Kenny’s solo and I’m all jacked about it and she says, “Having a flashback Dad?” I was all excited. Thank you for this web site!

  42. Kenny, I have pictures of the band from 79-80. Just like others I saw my pic on your sample., the card games at Gary’s. Jeff Chevalier, I lived in long Beach back then. I’am in Marshall Mo now. I still have some of your music and I do it now and then. Hope all are doing well. If you wht to see the picture,s let me know and I can dig them out and send then to you.Tell Gary, Rick, Randy and Jerry It was good to know all of you back then..My nine yr old about hit the floor when I showed him the pictures. This was a great flashback. Hope to find more of the old friends from that time , I do miss all. GL, if you see this I do get to Branson a lot. Hope to to see all again April and Flood if you see this Hello from JC

  43. Hey Jeff,
    It is great to hear from you after all these years! Absolutely, I would love to see your old band pics as I’m sure Gary, Randy and Rick would as well. This site and the release of our Mizzouri Nights CD has connected alot of people who remember those crazy band days so keep popping the music on when you are hanging out with your friends!
    Please send me a message at this email address: so we can exchange some more info.
    Not finished yet!!

  44. Jeff,

    It’s so cool to hear from you! I’ve moved back to Neosho, MO and I’m working at the McCune Brooks Hospital ER in Carthage, MO. We’ve got to hook up. I’ll E-mail you!

  45. Whoa…this is wild. So many memories coming back. Kenny & Jerry’s house in Torrance, packing up the drums at all those shows, “that’s a bunch o’ bull…”, smashing Kenny’s glasses on the drum riser in Coronado, the MVP recording sessions, Jerry’s pipe, April, the card games and dirty jokes at Gary’s, the Starwood, the Country Club, Y&T…and of course – Chaz.

    I am happy to read everyone is doing so well.

    Kenny, I’m still hitting em hard! It was awesome to learn from such a pro. I had the best seat in the house to steal those killer licks!

    I live in No Cal these days and have two beautiful daughters, a Harley, and two kits – a 72 Ludwig with a monster 26″ kick and a sweet sounding Gretsch. Play in a couple cover bands and do some recording. A recent project was with Coco Montoya, one bad-ass blues player. Life is good.

    Gotta get the CD and DVD…it will be a blast to hear those songs again.

    ROCK ON my friends!

    keep in touch here:
    on facebook, too…somewhere

  46. To all out there who read these messages know this. Some people get it and some people don’t. Randy Ross definitely GETS IT!! Once again after so many long years this wonderful friend and musician brings back some of the great memories of the era we all came from. The difference is, Randy is still out there entertaining all of his fans with a drumming style that I know is strong, powerful and delivered from his heart and soul. For those of you who know him, enjoy his music as much as he enjoys playing it for you. Because this man simply gets it!!
    Rock On Randy and thanks for being there and never leave home without your sticks!!

  47. Hi Guys, I’m taking Cameron (my youngest son 16) to his first Y&T concert tonight at the coach house. Mizzouri Foxx opened for Y&T maybe dozen times. A long long time ago. I miss those days..

    Jeff I think that picture of you playing cards was at my house in Torrance.
    Kenny I hooked up with Joe Flood on Facebook, sounds like life is good with him.

  48. Yo Jamie,
    Hope Dave and the boys lit up the Coach House for you and Cameron! I would have tried to join you had I not been in Vegas! Glad to hear all is well with Joe Flood too!
    Rock On Brother, Rock On!!

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